Every business communicates. Some businesses do it remarkably well; others less so. Few get it exactly right all of the time.  This blog is one communications guy’s musings on the business of communications.  But communications is a two way process, a dialogue or a debate. When businesses communicate well, all parties can be better informed, views can be transformed and opinions can be changed.

I’ve been engaged in journalism and business communications, in Europe, the US and more recently Asia. I’ve supported small technology startups and many of the world’s leading business brands for more years than I care to admit in mixed company.  The views expressed here are mine alone. They’re a sample of one.

As the reader, you are invited to agree or disagree, to consider and comment. There are no absolute right or wrong answers to the challenges and opportunities the communications department – with or without the support of a PR agency – sets out to address. Each of us has opinions that have been shaped through experience.

We learn more and faster from debate. I have much more to learn. If you have a different point of view, or different experiences, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Whether you choose to engage directly or not, I hope that you enjoy the site.

  • wolfgroupasia

    Janet, actually, it’s better we don’t know. As someone who blogs out in the open, I can tell you that there is a lot I can’t say because my identity is known. The blogger here is actually in a better position to share insights as the result of his anonymity. It also ensures clients and employers won’t whack him about.